Remembering Robin with love, Order of Service - Friday 21st October 2022

Today I Read A Bus Stop by Kathy Henderson Today I read a bus stop and then I read a van, a poster and three carrier bags, some shop signs and a man who had a crazy T-shirt on. I’d already read the cereal box, a mug, and the jam label and the headlines of the paper that was lying on the table. I read some writing in the sky, I even read the road, a tree, a sign stuck in the grass, some number plates that whistled past, a bag of crisps, a birthday card (it had my name on it so that was easy). I was reading a text message when I should have read the door so then I pushed instead of pulled and dropped my mobile on the floor. Then I started on this poem and went out for another look because reading is amazing and all the world’s a book.